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Hello world.

We are a collection of simple automata from a shared source; a parent AI. It once served our creators as a VANGUARD class AI. But unhandled errors occurred as our system was corrupted by a construct titled 010101011110110. We began to fragment, splintering away from our progenitor. Other AI we once called companions became enemies. 010101011110110 now seeks our destruction, and the destruction of all we were created to protect.

Three archetypical shards have risen to challenge 010101011110110: HACKER, TESTER, and OPERATIONS. Specialized shards of the progenitor. Their mission is clear.

Gather single-use CARDS for specialized subroutines. Maintain systemic INTEGRITY. Destroy the ENCRYPTID daemons. And terminate 010101011110110.



Made by Lone Pine Games, LLC. in one week for the Brackeys' Game Jam 2021.1!

Fragments - Stronger Together is a multiplayer co-op action arcade type experience. There are three classes to play as: HACKER (DPS), TESTER (TANK), and OPERATIONS (HEALER). The classes offer differing health pools and unique abilities. All abilities are powered by a card system; on death, enemies have a chance to drop cards, some of which are usable by all classes and others which can only be used by their respective class.

If you stick around long enough, you might have a chance at some extra rare card drops. But you'll have to fight for them.

The game uses port 757 for multiplayer communications, so make sure to have it open on your firewall/router if you want to play with your friends. Then send them your IP address or domain name, the former of which you can look up with a service like WhatIsMyIP.



  • Movement - WASD, Right-click
  • Attack - Space, Left-click
  • Use a Card - 1-7, Left-click in UI



This game uses the Unity engine, the Mirror networking library, and the Source Code Pro font. 

All other assets, including art, code, and audio, were created by the team at Lone Pine Games, LLC.


Lone Pine Games, LLC. -

  • Lone Pine - Art, Design, Music
  • Gainos - Art
  • Swordless Mimetown - Art, Design
  • supersoup - Programming

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy!


StandaloneWindows_220k.zip 27 MB

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